Happy Birthday To B Flow’s Wife

Happy Birthday To B Flow’s Wife

B Flow Writes,

My beautiful wife, Michelle Bwembya, today 19th February is all about you. Your life is worth celebrating today and everyday, my wonder woman.

Your smile exemplifies the beauty of life, structure accentuates the meaning of beauty.

Your eyes illuminate my world and your touch makes me evaporate.

You make this life feel like a vacation and help me relax even in times of adversity.

Those who don’t know you only see a pretty face.

Others use your looks as a benchmark to judge you and your capabilities.

But they miss out on the inner beauty behind your outer elegance.

Those who know you on a personal level can attest to how your intellect and generosity are wholesome.

Your impact on the lives of others makes you even more special as you are known for putting others first.

I find your love for God and ministry so admirable.

Waking up next to you every morning, it’s a reminder of having you as my lifetime partner.

Despite you being a corporate executive and CEO of Michelles Dupes, not a single day have you come back to our home wearing your CEO hat.

You always come back home with humility and let me be your king. I tell my friends “no sooner had she entered the yard than she put on her wifely hat.”

You are blessed with numerous educational qualifications.

You remain so humble, grounded and fair in the way you treat others.

Not only are you humble, but you are respectful too.

I can’t even begin to describe the taste of your food. You will always be my favorite cook and my private chef.

You have brought meaning to my life and that is why I will continue to celebrate you.
Happy birthday to the love of my life and my best friend.

I love you 😍

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