Jae Cash Withdraws From The Kwacha Music Awards

Jae Cash Withdraws From The Kwacha Music Awards

Jae Cash wrote, Its with deep regret that I wish to announce my withdrawal from this years Kwacha MUSIC Awards.

Let me firstly thank the management and organisers of the award show For once again according me the opportunity to be nominated.

However, my heart isn’t at peace looking at a list which i feel is not a true representation of actual facts on the ground. Especially in the category of Best Album of The year.

Its my sencere hope that in future, The organisers will take a much more appropriate approach when selecting nominees in order to fully and wholly recorgnise the hard work the players are putting in.

‘it’s too much unrecognized talent being left out that need a platform like yours out there’. 

It is also my duty to sharpen up my field of work if i feel things aren’t being done right & clearly 

I believe in building the zambian music industry therefore i will not be involved in anything that i feel alters that . 

👏🏾I know my boy will bring home the trophies🏆 

#Team apailiso I’ll leave that in your hands ✊🏽

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