Kunkeyani Tha Jedi – Mpalume feat. Jemax

Kunkeyani Tha Jedi release a brand new single which is titled Mpalume (feat. Jemax).
It’s filled with some dope vibe.
This masterpiece is worth your time.
download and stream Mpalume (feat. Jemax) by Kunkeyani Tha Jedi below
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24 year old rapper Kunkeyani Phiri , commonly known as Tha Jedi is rapidly gaining momentum as one of the top upcoming hiphop artistes in Zambia.

under the management of an established record label, Headphone Music.

At the moment Hip-hop is the most prominent music genre in Zambia.

Jedi explained that in his view if Hip Hop artists could work together towards pushing the music outside the country we’d have a greater chance of expanding our coverage.

Jedi released a 9 track E.P entitled “The Lyrical Master”. He defined the E.P as his introduction to the music industry.

The E.P consist of songs like ‘Mama told me‘ , ‘Like I made it’ and ‘Teti’.

Keeping a talent like the Jedi’s in a box, because he is constantly evolving through his lyricism, his persona and style.

The ease and wit with which he pieces some of the most quotable lines will leave you in awe.

He is one of the few artists who is talented enough to spark this burning desire in you to sing and bop along to a song you’re only just hearing for the first time.

Kunkeyani Tha Jedi began his music career in 2010 with fellow rapper and best-friend Kslayer.

Together they go by the name K.I.C.K.S which is an acronym for Kool Intellect Crazy Kinda Species.

In 2011, they got signed to a record label called 428 where they met talented producer Peezey Cables who would produce and feature on the hook of their break out single titled Grinding

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