The True Meaning Of Dizmo’s Album “Ghetto To Mayadi”

The True Meaning Of Dizmo’s Album “Ghetto To Mayadi”

Lessons worth learning from Ghetto To Mayadi Album

  • Ghetto to Mayadi is a slogan which simply means elevating your self from your lowest moment to your highest and turning from Being a nobody to becoming a somebody. So below are the lessons worth learning from Ghetto to Mayadi according to the tracks.
  • Ghetto To Mayadi ( Track No 1)
    Being the one looked down on doesnt mean you cant pull through. Take the critics that they throw on you as motivation to push harder because soon they will stop critizicing and they will start admiring the life you will be living
  • I Deserve It ( Track No 2)
    If the sun would shine on thiefs, witches etc believe that then sun will also shine for you because you deserve it. See, in life no one will believe in you if you dont believe in yourself. So believe in yourself even if no one does.
  • Permanent (Track No 4)
    Love is hard and rare to find but once you meet someone whose real and true, everything gets transformed where by you even start believing that true love exists because the space they have occupied in your heart becomes permanent, the space which was never filled by anyone else. Being with that type of person makes you feel like you have everything even when you have nothung because their love is all that matters to you.
  • Ma Sneaker Nama Chain ( Track no 5)
    In life everyone has different desires and wishes but the goal is the same which is making it and Most of the people hustle to make their lives become better. Thats why its always important for you to continue pursuing your heart desires till you archive it to make yourself proud and fulfil your heart desires.
  • More FNB ( Track No 6)
    In as much as we are living in a digital world, dont be lazy and a social media addict who just browses all day and scrolling down facebook newsfeed rather thrive to survive so that you secure a better life. Its better to learn how to fish than being given free fish because you wont know how to fish for yourself besides you have a family to feed in real life not a community to impress on social media.
  • Who Am I ( Track No 7)
    Know your worth by Identifying your capabilities and make that describe you. By doing so every one will know what it takes for you to be in some places and hang around with them because you have put a price tag on your self .
  • Efyo Yaba ( Track No 8)
    In life you have to understand that its not everyone who will like you and you cant please every one so at times just let what people think of you be like that, if they want they even add their own pantu teti usekeshe bonse.
  • Greatest ( Track No 9)
    Everything thats big starts small, so dont be afraid of starting small, you just have to believe and tell yourself that everything is possible and you can be the greatest because we all start small but if your dream is big, you always have to fight hard to archieve that dream so that you change the world and become the greatest.
  • Koneki ( Track No 10)
    Ngafilya ichi bemba chilanda ” Wipontela Ingwena amatako yachili mumenshi” what this means is, dont despise people who are doing better and criticise them because you think that they have not been to school. See, those same people who are doing well and you criticise them for not having certificates are the ones who can even connect you to people who knows people because its not everytime your school certificates works.
  • Satana Azakadabwa ( Track No 12)
    We are surrounded by jealous people who always want things to go their way. So you have to know that not everyone is your friend because among those same so called friends, there are people who wants you to lose.

Thank you Dizmo for this wonderful masterpiece because it has taught us alot of things๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

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